NBA 2K20 Crashes Constantly, How to Fix It?

NBA 2K20 Crash fix

It seems that many NBA 2K20 players have been experiencing game crashes constantly during MyCareer and MyLeague in cutscenes or gameplay. It is difficult to find a solution since this crash occurs without any error. I’ll try to help you solve this problem. There are some methods that worked.

Such issues are usually caused by the GPU driver. First of all, if your graphics card is out of date, I suggest you download and install the latest driver. If your graphics card is up to date and you’re experiencing this crashing problem, it’s a good idea to install an old driver. When return to version 436.48 in NVIDIA, there are those who say the crashes stopped.

Another factor that causes this problem is overclocking. Although overclocking is a useful option, it can cause problems in some games. Overclocking is known to cause crash problems in the NBA 2K20. You must disable overclocking in the BIOS or UEFI menu. You should also check your GPU software and disable the OC.

Crashes in the NBA 2K20 can also be caused by programs running in the background. You should check processes in the Task Manager.

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