Oxygen Not Included – How to Completely Block Gases?

Gases come in and out every time when we open the door in Oxygen Not Included. So Manual Airlock and Mechanized Airlock doesn’t work. Nobody wants gases such as polluted oxygen, natural gas, chlorine to enter the base through the door. By your own efforts, you have to block the gas flow by using the water. I will explain how to do this.

List of required materials:

  1. Tile
  2. Bottle Emptier
  3. Water

In a nutshell, build a small pool with tiles and fill it with water. You can use the Bottle Emptier to fill the pool. Tick the water in the bottle emptier’s Element Filter tab. I also recommend you to enable Auto-Bottle.

Bottle Emptier

Cover the top of the pool with tiles as in the screenshot. In this way, you will block the gas flow and ensure that your Duplicants can pass through the water.

block the gas flow

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