Titanfall 2 Doesn’t Launch Fix

Titanfall 2 wont launch

Like other EA games, Titanfall 2 has launched on Steam as well. I heard there are players on Steam who can’t run the game. So in this guide I have listed some suggestions to fix the Titanfall 2 not working issue.

How to Fix the Titanfall 2 Won’t Launch Issue

Restart the Origin

There may be problems caused by Origin. Sometimes this problem can be solved by restarting Origin.

Repair the Game

The server or Windows can cause files to be missing or corrupted. Previously, players have often encountered this situation. You can repair the game files easily on Steam or Origin.

How to repair Titanfall 2 game files on Steam?

Library > Titanfall 2 > Right-click > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files

How to repair Titanfall 2 game files on Origin?

Repairing the game files is as easy on Origin as on Steam. My Game Library > Titanfall 2 > Right-click > Repair

Check the GPU

First, make sure the graphics drivers are up to date. Then, if your computer has Intel integrated graphics technology, check if the Titanfall 2 uses your main GPU (Nvidia or AMD).

Redistributable Packages

There may be a problem with the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable packages that are required for the game to work. So I recommend that you check and repair those packages.

To find the VCredist installation files, follow these folders where the Titanfall 2 is installed: Origin Games/Titanfall2/_installer/vc/

Restricted Access Mode

Origin’s restricted access mode may prevent you from running the Titanfall 2 on Steam. If Restricted Access Mode is active on Origin, you will see “Engine error: file corruption detected” warning. So launch the Origin and disable the Restricted Access Mode.

How do I disable Restricted Access Mode on Origin?
Origin > Application Settings > Application > Advanced > Disable the Restricted Access Mode

Restricted Access Mode

Windows Defender Firewall

Windows Defender firewall can cause the game to stop working. In the Windows Defender firewall, you must add the Titanfall2.exe file to the exclusion list. You should also check this reddit post.

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